A Few Reminders

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  PCA is closed for students tomorrow.  The office will also be closed. It will reopen on Monday, November 28th.

During activities that have taken place this week, it was noted that some of our students opened doors and let parents into the building.  While we understand they are being respectful and courteous, our teachers are using this as a “teachable moment” to instruct them this is not permitted.  Also, we expect staff to be diligent in ensuring the rules are followed.  If they see someone in the building without a visitor label they will escort that person to the front doors of the building, guiding them out of the building with instructions to go to the main office to sign in.

Starting Monday, November 28th there will be a new procedure for entering the Core Building after hours.  All visitors/parents will need to go through the main office, being buzzed in by the Security guard prior to being permitted access to any of the buildings.  Please remember to bring ID with you when you come after hours too!

We have noted some safety issues during drop off and pick up as well.  The drop off area in  the car rider line has been lengthened.  We are now able to release students from the first four cars.  Please do not let your children out of the car if you are not in that position.  Children are to walk to the right of the cones with traffic on the left.  We ask that if you are dropping your children off you do so only in the car rider line unless you park and escort them to at least to the crosswalk closest to the pillars.  Parking in the fire lanes is not permitted.

We all want our school safe and the only way we are going to achieve this is by everyone doing their part.