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Rojer, the Pharmacy Manager, is the most caring pharmacist I have ever met. I do not have insurance, so I’m always looking for coupons on GoodRx, and Blink to shop for all my meds. BUT the prices on Modafinil at these online pharmacies beat all those coupons you see out there. And believe me, they are cheaper than Walmart, Publix, or Winn Dixie for all their medications. Wow!!!! My husband has insurance, but he has a high deductible (which we’re never going to meet), so his copays are ridiculously high. When I shopped at Walgreens In the past, no one told me the real reason why my copays were high. At these pharmacies, they make sure to let you know why your copays are so high and also give you the option to buy it at a significantly lower cash price as I’m not going to meet my $4000 deductible you or a loved one needs extra help with meds please contact them they certainly made my pockets feel heavier than before. Thank you, Roger and the team!!! Keep up the excellent work and help us. Good bless you.

Atlantic Apothecary
Address: 103 S Dupont Blvd #2, Smyrna, DE 19977, United States
Phone: (302) 653-9355

At first, I wasn’t too happy about Atlantic Apothecary taking over Target because I liked what I already had. But after a year with Atlantic Apothecary, I have no complaints at all. They get my renewals done for me. They text me when it’s time to come pick up a new order. Usually, a short line, which is the main reason to dump Walmart. Always nice people here.

I went by today around 2 pm. to order some Modafinil. I saw a sign that said some stuff is kept behind the counter due to an outbreak. I asked the young Hispanic girl at the counter if there was any hand sanitizer and very rudely said “NO” it would’ve been ok to say no, I’m sorry instead, she gave me a surprised look and said “NO” real rudely.. she didn’t even ask How I was doing or not even a thank you on the way out… man I’m sorry I asked for hand sanitizer won’t do it again… also won’t be visiting that store ever again… rude employees.

ACME Markets Pharmacy
Address: 236 E Glenwood Ave, Smyrna, DE 19977, United States
Phone: (302) 653-3610

We’ve driven by hundreds of times and only stopped recently. We have been treated great on our two visits. It’s easy in and out, an actual departure from the “big name” places we have grown used to using. My wife and I love the calm atmosphere at ACME Markets Pharmacy, and the price on the first try was half what our Part D plan offered ($40 vs. $88). When they gave us a Norman Rockwell calendar today, it felt small-town friendly, small-town good. The pharmacist was very helpful in describing my (new to me) prescription.

The customer service here is so poor, other than Debbie’s one person. I was literally inside the store and got a text saying my Modafinil’s order was ready. I went around to get it, and they said…. oh, sorry, we’re closed. There were three people there, and I need my medication first thing tomorrow and won’t get to come back until the evening. Don’t tell people their script is ready if you don’t plan to give it to them. The message could easily list their hours of operation just to let you know it’s ready, but you can’t have it until another day. Publix just down the street outdoes them in every possible way. I’m so close to switching, and this is the last straw. The nonsense never ends with them.

Camden Pharmacy
Address: 4598 S Dupont Hwy, Camden, DE 19934, United States
Phone: (302) 535-8604

I had asked my doctor to make the order for 120 Modafinil pills at once because with GoodRX, 60 was $38, and for $10 more, I could get 120. She understood why I wanted 120 and got it fixed, saving me $28 and another trip! Perfect Example of someone who genuinely cares for her customers, NOT just putting in the time to get a payday. Made a LOYAL customer out of me! Thank You Again!

I recently switched to Camden Pharmacy from Walgreens due to insurance. I can’t really say anything about the change that has been positive. It takes 10-20 minutes to get someone on the phone. They don’t communicate when there is an issue with a prescription, and you cant see new prescriptions in the app or get status through the automated system. Prescriptions only show up if you’ve filled it there before AND have refills left. The same goes for text notifications. They are regularly understaffed, and I waited 10 minutes to try to pick up a prescription today with only one person in front of me inside and another 10 to get my paper prescription back because they wanted to charge $40 more than I pay at Walgreens. The pharmacy area is enormous, but there are always double the staff members at Walgreens. I truly don’t understand why they don’t have enough staff.

Rite Aid Pharmacy
Address: 3004 S Dupont Hwy, Camden, DE 19934, United States
Phone: (302) 698-3966

BEST pharmacy around!!! If you live in the area, I highly recommend this be your pharmacy! They are very knowledgeable and kind! They go the extra mile to assure that you know everything about what you are taking and never make you feel rushed. The ice cream is awesome too.

AVOID this Rite Aid Pharmacy! Dr called in my script, & after three days of asking, I finally got it out of the pharmacy clerk that they were out of Modafinil. WHAT?!! Why wouldn’t they tell me that the **first** time I called to see if it was ready? They said to me on the first two calls, “they didn’t have it yet, “… leading me to believe my Dr. was at fault. NOT! On 3rd call, I finally got the truth. It was like pulling nails. I had to ask, “do you have my script from my Dr”? When she sheepishly said yes, I asked why it wasn’t ready, to FINALLY be told both the pharmacy & their supplier were out of the medication! Good thing I still had one day’s worth. I had to have my Dr. call it to another pharmacy. I’m 2.5 hrs into this debacle! The staff is incompetent, deceitful & they definitely don’t have the customer’s best interests at heart!!