Buying ED drugs in Delaware: best stores

More than 100 pharmacies in Delaware are offering ED drugs for sale. We choose 4 top-rated stores with great customer service and positive reviews.

  1. Apotheco Pharmacy Delaware
    Available ED drugs: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra
    Online prices start from $45.12
    Address: 1215 Churchmans Rd Suite 1200, Newark, DE 19713
    What customers say:
    –  Great Customer Service, I love that they deliver, especially when your working 16hr shifts no time to pick up Meds… They know the customers by name, I also have Walgreens and Walmart, Fred Meyer… Apotheco Pharmacy Delaware beats them overall on prices..Thank You
    – Thank you for being open on Christmas Day to be able to pick up needed medications. The meds were an excellent price and the staff was friendly even with a rush of people.
  2. ViaQX
    Available ED drugs: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, Vidalista and more…
    Online prices start from $33.99
    Address: 1005 Delaware Ave, Wilmington, DE 19806
    What customers say:
    – I’m so happy that I happened to stumble across  ViaQX when I was searching for a pharmacy that could help me. Travis helped to ease a lot of stress and anxiety. I live in Delaware and he got everything ready for me before I drove up to Lynwood so all I had to do was pick my meds and I was on my way home. I was in and out of there in less than a few minutes. Thanks so much, Travis!
    – I really like this pharmacy. They are very well staffed. You have to wait a little bit sometimes, but that’s understandable because they fill your prescription after you give it to them. Everyone is smiles and kind.
  3. Bayard Pharmacy
    Available ED drugs: Viagra, Cialis
    Online prices start from $37.41
    Address: 202 W Loockerman St, Dover, DE 19904
    What customers say:
    – I’m new to Delaware and I went here to pick up my medication. Worst decision of my life I have given them my id and insurance card and yet they still manage to put my information wrong on the computer. I was told to come in 30mins later and my meds will be ready. When I went back the next day. Another assistant was helping me and wanted to tell me the birthday I stated was wrong. Instead of the 5th, it’s the 26th on their computer. I got the prescription and the address is also wrong. Moving forward next prescription I never even got a call for pick up it’s been nearly 6 days and nothing. I had to call my dr to make sure it’s sent even. Bayard Pharmacy ัontinuously puts you on hold when you call.
    –  Very quick, efficient, and friendly staff. The only pharmacy we choose to use for our family.
  4. Express Discount Pharmacy
    Available ED drugs: Viagra, Levitra
    Online prices start from $45.59
    Address: 4528 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808
    What customers say:
    – I like the store when I can’t find something I’m sure to find it there! The pharmacy is great, Sarah’s a big help, and the helpers do the best for you when she’s not there, great pharmacy!
    – I probably should have written a great review before but I’ve finally been motivated to. I’m from a small town and don’t like big companies, however, this Express Discount Pharmacy is so convenient for me. They have always been friendly and treated me like a neighbor. Even one day I saw the screen was closed and I made it there late, but they reopened up for me. I have no serious illness and my medication is purely for cosmetics but they were so incredibly considerate. Today, the pharmacist told me that they sent my prescription back to my doctor to suggest twice as many pills but at half the dosage so that my prescription could be cheaper. Who does that? People who care about others when they absolutely don’t have to. Good people here. Thanks!