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I’m really not sure about any of the other online reviews that give a lower rating to this particular pharmacy. I only have to visit every three months to buy some vitamins, but I can honestly say I have always had a good experience. The pharmacists that coordinate everything is overwhelmed at times, and that’s understandable. I get it. All of you want your drugs! But the fact that they go out of their way to find people discounts, have prompt refill service, and are customer-focused should be enough for most people. I have seen people criticize them because of some kind of problem with their insurance. I stood behind a lady that was so amped up about her Stromectol that she didn’t even stop whining when the other pharmacist came over to say that her insurance I finally sent over whatever it was. She just kept complaining. When it was my turn, I said, “I won’t be nearly that difficult.” The pharm tech smiled. That irritated Karen did not.

Sam’s Club Pharmacy
Address: 1572 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States
Phone: (302) 678-2161

I can’t understand the negative reviews here. Josh and the rest of the staff have always been accommodating and more than polite! The only reason I am giving only four stars is that they are clearly understaffed. Maybe corporate will someday get the message?

I’m not sure if the girl in Sam’s Club Pharmacy is new or just plain rude. But it took 20+ minutes to find Stromectol when it was *already* filled and just hanging on the shelf waiting. I got a text and everything saying it was ready, and this girl tried to tell me that’s not what the text means. Woman, I know how to read. It says READY FOR PICKUP. My child has the most basic white girl name literally in the world. How can you not find it? I had to leave and come back three times, have the doctor’s office call the pharmacy, and finally go inside to speak to someone else and figure out what was going on.

Rite Aid Pharmacy
Address: 66 E Glenwood Ave, Smyrna, DE 19977, United States
Phone: (302) 653-6649

As technology advances and customer service is outsourced it seems the days of really feeling like your receiving the best care are lost in the times. Rite Aid Pharmacy gives you great customer service and the feeling that you are important to them and that they care. I notice that you are just a number in their system with the larger pharmacies, and your health and well-being are not their concern. Not Brandon Pharmacy, here you are treated like family. Thank you for your outstanding service!

I have yet to wait less than 25 minutes for *anything*: drop off, pickup, a question, you name it. At the window of the drive-thru. Last time my husband picked up Stromectol for me because I was ill (you know, hence the need for medication…) The tech at the window had the temerity at first to refuse to release it to him, then proceeded to lecture him on how I needed to pick it up myself. Luckily my husband is not a shrinking violet and said that (a) there’s no such law or specific rule, (b) he had been doing it for me for years at other pharmacies, and (c) it wasn’t even a controlled substance. The tech told him that maybe it’d done that way in your state. Um, no, dear lady, it’s done that way when you have a driver’s license to show. And its *definitely* done that way when you have the same last name, address, credit card, insurance card, and their card. After almost 15 years with nothing but a great experience with Rite Aid Pharmacy in my home state, I’m taking my business to Walgreens across the street.

Walgreens Pharmacy
Address: 700 Jimmy Dr, Smyrna, DE 19977, United States
Phone: (302) 653-8528

Went in there today with an issue of insurance not paying. After insurance came through from her calling doctor, medication was well, more than my mortgage. Jessica referred me to the drug website that emailed me a discount code. Saved me a bunch of money for my Ivermectin pills. I was able to pay for my medicine finally. Jessica and Jennifer are always friendly and helpful. Great staff throughout the store!

I am VERY disappointed with the Walgreens Pharmacy. I get over ten scripts a month. I am on disability and on a very tight budget. Stromectol for one of my scripts didn’t work on me, so they had to order a different brand, so they charged me an extra 10 dollars, and that is not a one-time charge. It’s every month, and Bandy went thru four other brands before he found one that worked for me NEVER charged me extra I wanted to shop locally. Still, now I must find a different pharmacy, and btw I’ve asked to talk to Eric, but I guess he didn’t want to talk to me about this. I think they are being mean to me hope you all have a better experience than I did.

CVS Pharmacy
Address: 148 John Hunn Brown Rd, Dover, DE 19901, United States
Phone: (302) 741-0466

My father had recently passed, and I needed to get some paperwork notarized, so I was recommended to this company. They had great customer service along with a quick process. You have a customer for life!! Hands down the best experience. Thanks, CVS Pharmacy.

If I had a choice, I wouldn’t use them again. First, the order was a disaster as it arrived a day late and screwed up my treatment. The second and recent Stromectol order is just another example of an unorganized business. I ordered another batch in the morning, and they said they have everything in place and I will receive it the next day on Sat. I got the call around dinner time informing me that one of the medications is not in stock and they won’t know when they will be getting it in. So my treatment starts on Monday, and I have no medications. Wth!? If you need medicines for timely treatment, please research and look elsewhere. They should be giving huge discounts to people for the inconvenience. When they say when you will receive the meds, you won’t. I guarantee you will get two days or more later than they tell you.