Academic Freedom

Acceptable Use Policy Including Electronic Use

ADA Policies and Procedures

Administrative Hiring

After Care Policy Manuel

Assistant for Human Resource and Business August 2009

Athletic Director Job Description

Athletic Policy

Attendance Policy

Bi-Annual Report Procedures

Board and Administrator Gifts

Board Authorized Signature for Financial Requirements

Board Member Conflict of Interest

Board of Directors Officers

Board of Directors Terms

Board Oversight Compliance Committee

Board Policy Updates

Board Procedures for Hearings

Building and Grounds Manager

Bullying Policy

Cafeteria Manager Job Description

Cash Deposits Policy

Cash Receipts Procedure

Check Authorization Policy

Checking Account Reconciliation

Cheer Leader Coach

Child Abuse

Citizen Budget Oversight Committee

Committees of the Board

Compensatory Time Policy

Compensatory Time Request Form

Cost of Duplication of Records

Delaware Surplus Services Excess Property Declaration Form

Director of Curriculum Job Description

Discipline Data Entry and Procedures

Electronic Communication and Social Media Policy

Math Specialist Job Description

ELL Program Handbook

Employment Agreement

Employment of Substitute and Short Term Employees

Enrollment Lottery Policy

Enrollment Policy

Equal Educational Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity Nondiscrimination

Expulsion Alternate School Placement Policy Sept 2007

Faculty Handbook – 2018-2019

Family and Medical Leave Policy

Federal Monies Bidding Procedures

Federal Monies Purchasing Policy

Federal Pay and Time Accounting Procedures

Federal School Lunch Reimbursement

Field Trip Forms

Field Trip Policy

Financial Administrative Assistant Job Description

Fine Arts Coordinator Job Description

Fiscal Management Annual Budget

Fiscal Management Bidding Deposit and Performance Bond

Fiscal Management Budget Planning

Fiscal Management Budget Transfer

Fiscal Management by the Head of School

Fiscal Management Expenditures

Fiscal Management Fund Balance and Carry Over

Fiscal Management Goals and Priority Objectives

Fiscal Management Line and Cost Center

Fiscal Management Local Bidding

Fixed Asset Capitalization Policy

Fixed Asset Listing



Grading and Promotion- Retention Policy

Head Coach Job Description

Head of School Job Description

Home Bound Policy

Homeless Student Procedures

Homeless Students Policy

Human Resource Finance Manager Job Description

Information Technology Specialist Job Description

Instructional Hiring Staff Hiring

Intervention Specialist Job Description

Jury Duty

Laws Pertaining to Weapons and Other Crimes

Lending of school equipment

Lesson Plans

Meal Charge Policy 2017-18

Nepotism Policy

News Media

Opening Exercises

Organizational Chart

Outside Activities

Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Student School Compact

Parental Involvement Policy

Payroll Procedures

PCA Dress Code

Pcard Policy

Performance Bonus Policy for 10 Month Teaching Staff

Personnel Files

Political Activities

Principal Job Description

Probation Employees

Procedures for Special Projects

Public Attendance at School Events

Public Complaint Policy

Public Participation in Board Meetings

Purchase Order Authorization

Reading Specialist Job Description

Restraint and Seclusion Policy

Sabbatical Leave

Safe Schools


School Bus Driver Handbook

School Visitors

School Weapons Policy

Semi Annual Cert_Multi Empl Sign

Semi Annual Cert Multi Sup Sign (2)

Semi Annual Cert_One Empl Sign

Semi Annual Cert One Sup Sign

September 30 Unit Count Revised OCT 2011

Sex Offenders Notification

Sexual Harassment

Sick Leave Policy 12 Month Employee

Smoking Policy

Special Education CSPD

Sports Policy

Staff Evaluation

Student Code of Conduct

Student Dress Code

Student Fundraising

Student Handbook 2018-2019


Student School Drop Off Bus policy

Substitute Handbook


Summer Camp Policy and Procedure Manual

Supply Request Form

Teacher Contract

Team Leader Job Description

Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault Policy

Temporary Purchase Order Authorization

Training and Retention

Transactions over $5000.00

Transportation Policy

Transportation Supervisor Job Description

Travel Expense

Truancy Policy

Use of School Equipment and Facilities

Vacation Policy 12 Month Employee

Waiver for Parents and Guardians

Wellness Policy

504 Polices and Procedures Handbook